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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  January 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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miles they're wondering if there's a better option. an unplannedextended weekenda sunny mondaywarm enough to romp outdoors. it's a dream when you're 9 and 4 but for the working mom? surewe love our kidswe also have to make money to keep them clothed fed and happy so when realtor.stephanie burger learned her boys would be out of school mondayher mind raced who can keep m children? daycewas cl preschoolsclosed. grandparents were back wocan keep s becauwato work. the salt in the wound of a surprise "bring your kids to work day"at least in greenville countyis the iceand snowdidn't seem to be an issueat least around i- 85prompting many parents to call for other solutions i feel if they had a game plan for weatheras in, these northern schools don't attend, because now k a day out ofpgbreakwell,odays of spring breakfor no reason. "while you see separate closings in counties like ang laurens whert vup districtshere greenvil e saof 800 square milesmeaning it can be tricky when ice and snowl throughaffectindiffere as 'ous localized wheucan loo ynmnl looks great. le let the kids in simpsonvillelet' letk mauldin . founin snot always
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gets the bad weather. spokesperson beth brotherton says they have to operate the county as a wholeto keep on the same calendarfor make up days especially for students in magnet orcharter schools. what would you do if ya clh t magnet school in greenville that was open today but a regular highschool up in greer that was closed. it wodmean added costs for special personelle. still.the district says they are sympathetic to dads and momslike stephaniewho are hoping the snow daydoesn't last through tuesday. 37:38 a delay would be good, but they dien to gtotomorrow. in greenville county, ah7news
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greenville county school district would have to be discussed by lawmakers in columbia meanwhile.the district says they have a team of 25 people driving the roads right now to make a decision for tomorrow. other districts have already made decisions about class tomorrow.. you can check out those closing and the bottom of our screen.. or on our website and w-s-p-a - dot-com. the massive east coast blizzard is over and the clean up is underway -- but things have not gotten back to normal for some states. in washington d-c ... the mayor is still asking people to stay at home. and in new york ... mayor deblasio is driving... or digging out their cars. state and federal government offices were closed for another day. and early estimates say this storm could cost between 350 to 700 million dollars to clean up. that includes lost wages, lost revenue, and cleaning up all the snow. but conditions have gotten better here. let's check in with meteorologist jason nappi.. on what we can
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a man hoping to brave frigid temperatures... and travel across antartica... has died. 71- year old british artic explorer .. henry worsley.. was taking the journey alone. he was just 30 miles away from his goal. worsley died after being airlifted to a hospital in chile. he suffered from severe exhaustion and dehydration. what was suppose to be fun
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tragic... when a teenager in ohio..died while sledding. police say the 18-year old.. was riding on a sled..that was being dragged by an a-t-v... when he was hit by a pick up truck. the driver ran off... but police found him... and arrested him three hours later. a local man has been arrested.. for taking donations for the cub scouts.. but instead.. pocketing the cash.. union county deputies tell us they've gotten several reports.. about jeff henderson and his son going door to door asking for money. the sheriff's office says henderson collected 65- dollars from 5 people over a two day period. investigators spoke with the scouts .. but were told they aren't currently having a fundraiser..and no money has been donated to the pack. "first of all if they s wa ecklle cataksntd ba flag" the sheriffs office said they've ha severao calls from potential victims today. the sherifsays anytime you're not sure about giving money to an organization. call the sheriffs office first. sheriff taylor is also
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scam going around.. preying on people.. who are desperate to work.. scam artists are finding people who have submitted resumes online. the victims allow boxes to be shipped to their homes.. from the company... and they are told to switch the shipping labels... and send the packages back out. but the goods were bought with stolen credit cards..and the victims never get paid for their time. sherrif taylor is telling people to pay attention. "you have to look at theeleaii, thel lm pua kseeisit togeuh" the case has now been turned over to secret services. the victims of these crimes have to close their bank os fourteen citadel military cadets...have been dimissed.. suspended.. or receiving on- campus punishment... after photos surfaced of the group dressed as the ku klux klan. investigators say the seven freshmen were ordered by upper classmen to sing christmas carols.. the students say
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"ghost of christmas." the college president says the students showed poor judgment and the college will increase diversity training for cadets. south carolina schools would have -more- people with guns ... protecting your children ...under a new bill just introduced at the statehouse. but not everyone thinks that's a good idea ... because of -who- would be armed. our robert kittle tells us why. the bill would create new school protection officers ... to add another layer of protection to help school resource officers. school protection officers would be teachers or any other school employees who go through a new two-week training program at the criminal justice academy. they could carry guns -if- they had concea weas permits "the crooks have got guns so we're going th h . h ' a g idea. oi passes." but parent brett qualls worries about having schoo"at the end of the day or in-between classes the tearcould lay i pistol downanywr i their drawer, don't want to wear it, put it in their drawer,kid
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anything could go wrong like're talking about k-through-12. kids are curious." the bill was introduced by representative phillip rowe of florence. he introduced a similar bill in 2012 ... that would have allowed teachers with concealed weapons permits to carry on campus if they wanted. that bill didn't go anywhere over concerns about a lack of training ... so this new bill adds that training. "representative lowe say rignso gf zenvy t,imst tbut if hah passes, nwould knoh might have at schli wdkh less of a target." but it will face opposition."what about these students who may, all of a sudden, say, 'hey, they've got a gun. i'm going to get it.' that is a huge cn mine aspn and as s who works with educators." in columbia, robert kittle, 7 news. local school boards would have to have public hearings ... to decide whether to designate any employees as school protection officers. teachers or other employees would have to volunteer for
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a record number of people.. in the palmetto state... made efforts to buy guns..last month. the f-b-i says...they conducted 50- thousand background checks. the f-b-i believes the spike came.. after president obama said he would tighten gun control measures this year. caught on camera...a burglar breaks into an upstate family's home.. not once.. but twice check out this video... from the piedmont family.. who says they've been burglarized two times .. within weeks. they turned over this surveillance footage.. and another .. of a burglar getting away with their jewelry.. and a gun. both times.. the thief broke in.. by breaking in their back door. now they're hoping the footage will help identify the man.. so they can get their belongings back. "it is scary that somebody nmnrn oumreut wtreaag ti if you think you know the man in that video.. call the anderson county sheriff's office. the anderson
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there have been at least 85 burglaries reported there.. already this year. there is a battle brewing.. in campaign 2016 it's in the federal courts over..a new voter identification mandate .. in north carolina. the new law..requires people to show one of six qualifying i-d's.. when they go vote...starting this upcoming march primary. but groups challenging the law say.. showing photo i-d to vote is illegal .. and will make it harder for minot tcast ballots. the sta says thei no evidenc anyone will bdenied the chance to vote. a week from today ... iowa holds the first contest of the 20-16 presidential race. democrats and republicans are making one last push.. to get voters on their side. tonight..democratic candidates .. senator bernies sanders... martin o'malley... and hillary clinton.. will have a town hall in des moines. but donald trump is raising eyebrows with this comment about the loyalty of his
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donald trump/ presidential candidate) "did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters okay? it's likiel conservative voice glenn beck.. and former presidential candidate rick perry announced they are endorsing ted cruz. hillary clinton picked up an endorsement from the des moines register and the boston globe. but sanders is getting support too. a south carolina representative.. pulled his endorsement from hillary clinton's campaign... to support bernie sanders today. representative justin bamberb wouldn't say why he was making the switch .. but says he supports free college education and the right to healthcare. the panthers are riding high... and have to look sharp..before their super bowl appearance. and a local cleaners is working its magic before the big game. we'll show you how. and the super bowl is appearing to be.. only a rich man's game.. if you want to be in the stadium. ticket prices are reaching new highs... we'll tell you how much people are dishing
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plus.. before all the hype.. 20 years ago..there were worries..the panthers would never get off the ground.. all new at -11-.. the story.. of the expansion
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"cheering and screaming" people here in the carolinas... are excited.. to see the carolina panters.. are heading to the super bowl. they beat the arizona cardians... 49 to 15... in the n-f-c champsionship game last night. now the panthers will take on the denver broncos... in california.. february 7th. this will be the second trip for panthers after losing to the patriots back in 2004.. in super bowl 38. if you want to be at the game... live in santa clara, california.. then it may
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tickets this year are nearing record prices. the average resale ticket is more than 5- thousand dollars... according to "seatgeek." club seats.. near midfield.. have already sold for more than 12- thousand dollars each... making them the most expensive seats.. sold so far. but no need to pay all that when you can sit back and watch the game with on 7 news... your official superbowl station! for more than 20- years a spartanburg business has worked behind the scenes making sure the carolina panthers look their best. and now his work may be seen on a global scale. bill fowler.. of fowler brothers' cleaners has been panthers official drycleaner since 19-95 before the team's first season. fowler oversees the fowler oversees the cleaning of the uniforms which arrive at his spartanburg store ever monday afternoon. the panthers original jersey is on display to remind the staff how they should be cleaned and pressed.
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now it's unclear if the panthers will wear the panthers it's unclear if right now it's unclear if the panthers will wear their regular uniform or a commemorative one in honor of the 50th anniversary of the superbowl.
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they say kids...these
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with their electronic devices... but.. one boy's attachment to his tablet... may have saved his mother's life. we'll explain how .. next. but first here's a look at your primetime lineup
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a four-year-old saves his mother's life... and it's thanks to help his tabl. his mother alice is a diabetic.. and began to feel sick..while talking on the phone with her mother. when alice passed out.. her mother..called alice's husband who was not home at the time. the husband called the home phone .. but no one answered. so he decided to call the tablet. and that's when 4 year old chadwick answered. the little boy stayed on the phone and opened the door when first responders arrived. today marks.. the 3rd day.. law enforcement officers have been looking for three dangerous inmates who broke out of jail.. in california.. the men were in jail for violent crimes.. like attempted murder and torture. the men somehow cut through metal, got into plumbing tunnels and rappelled from a roof using braided ropes made from linens. authroties
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staged a fight to distract guards..which gave them time to escape. in anderson county.. this man is now behind bars..after deputies say he robbed a woman.. and then lead deputies on a chase.. calvin jacob davis.. is accused of holding up the woman.. outside the ingles..on highway 24.. and then running from police on friday. during the chase .. investigators say he tried to run over a deputy. he faces charges .. for robbery.. failure to stop for blue lights.. and attempted murder. apparently people turned to technology this weekend while getting hammered by an historic blizzard. the dating app-- happn-- reported a jump in use during saturday's big snowstorm. happn also says new user sign ups were up 43-percent across the country. happn is a dating app that matches you with people who've crossed your path. spotify is expanding beyond music streaming. it is evolving into a video streaming app this week. and this won't be just music videos. back in may.. spotify revealed that it's partnering with major video
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central, tbs, abc, nbc, and bbc, to name a few. whenever it's snowing... animals and kids embrace it. we'll show you some of the
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in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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these kids got creative when it came to getting around in the snow. they enlisted the help of thier dog brumas. david margison shot this video of his kids being pulled around by the dog... and it's one of the cutest videos. thanks for joining us i'll see you at 1 on the carolina- and wle backrt11. untih you can g the lsupdat logg
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